Interpretation of dream: Speed

There is a point when, as we are developing spiritually, we lose our sense of time. Speeding things up may appear as slowing things down, and vice versa. This is all part of the spiritual growth process. The polarities of fast and slow that is, speed and inertia are a duality that, when handled properly, create a balance. Travelling at speed suggests trying to achieve a fast result. Speeding as in a traffic offence suggests being too focused on an end result, and not the method of getting there. However, as the opposite to fast, being slow in dreams gives a sense of greater tranquillity than such frenetic behaviour. To be taking, or to be given, speed (amphetamines) in a dream may have two meanings. If the substance is used in everyday life, we could be being alerted to a gift or talent that should be developed. If we do not normally use the drug, then we are putting ourselves in danger in some way. We may be trying to force an issue or pre-empt results. Speed in dreams identifies an intensity of feelings that is not usually available in waking life. Because everything is happening too quickly, it engenders anxiety in us, which creates problems. In dreams, when everything slows down or seems to be going in slow motion, we need to consider very carefully each aspect of our lives at that particular moment. To be moving slowly suggests taking greater care. Also consult the entries for Drugs, Quick and Time as well as the information on Anxiety Dreams in the Introduction.

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