Interpretation of dream: Space

Space is a representation of a cosmic centre a place that ?is, was and ever shall be?. When it appears in a dream it shows we need to widen our present view of the world. Psychologically we often need space to make the best use of opportunities. We should be capable of going beyond our own concepts of limitation and restriction. As the exploration of space takes us beyond our own little world, we become more conscious of the need for best use of resources. In dreams, when we are aware of the space we occupy we are in touch with our own potential. We may be aware that our personal space is being, or has been, penetrated. To be ?spaced out? is to have widened our personal boundaries artificially through the use of stimuli.You might also like to consult the entries for Astronaut and Rocket.

More interpretations:
Space (Common): To see or dream that you are in space, represents exploration and independent ...