Interpretation of dream: Sing

Spiritually when we sing we are capable of raising the vibration, either for ourselves or other people. We are in touch with the Higher Self. Singing as an act of worship is a vital part of many systems of belief. Singing as chanting has a valid place in religion as in the Gregorian chant where certain tones achieve a shift in consciousness. To hear this in dreams is to be in touch with a high vibration. Chanting of a mantra also achieves the same end. If we are singing alone, we have learnt to be skilled in our own right. To hear singing in a dream is to link with the self-expression we all have. We are in touch with the flowing, feeling side of ourselves and of others. To be singing is to be expressing our joy and love of life and our need to perform and star in our own show. To be in a choir suggests our ability to worship or express ourselves in a peer group. To be singing a football anthem creates a fellow feeling. To find ourselves singing in a talent contest suggests that we wish for other people to become aware of our perceived abilities. You might also like to consult the entries for Mantra, Music/Rhythm, Musical Instruments and Worship.