Interpretation of dream: Shrink

Following the psychological recognition of our smallness, we equally can become aware of the sense of belonging to a much greater cosmic whole. This is represented in dreams by a feeling of shrinking. Psychologically we can learn to handle who we are by recognizing both how necessary and also how small we are in the general scheme of things. The latter can be accompanied in dreaming by a feeling of shrinking. We therefore become less threatening to ourselves and others. In dreams, to shrink is to have a desire to return to childhood, or to a smaller space in order to be looked after. In everyday life we may be aware of losing face or of feeling small and this can be translated in dreams as shrinking. To see something or somebody shrink can indicate that it is losing its power over us. Consult the entries for Analyst and Size for further information.

More interpretations:
Shrink (Common): To dream that you are shrinking, suggests that you lack self-confidence and ...