Interpretation of dream: Sceptre

The sceptre is representative of royal power and sovereignty. Spiritually it signifies the transmission of divine power from above rather than below. The sceptre can represent the magic wand and in dreams can indicate our right and ability to use such magic. If we are holding the sceptre we have the ability to transmit the life force. If someone else is using the sceptre and is bestowing honour or power on us, then we can accept that we have succeeded in a particular project. When it appears in dreams a sceptre indicates that we have given someone authority over us. We have abdicated responsibility to the point where the inner self has to take over. The sceptre has the same symbolism as most rods and staves: that of a phallic object. In a woman's dream it suggests the power for action. In a man's dream it signifies the power to take authority. Also consult the entries for Magic/Magician, Staff and Wand.

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