Interpretation of dream: Poke

The poker in this instance suggests rigid and unbending discipline, which is sometimes necessary. There is often the necessity for aggressive action, but also rigid attitudes and behaviour in spiritual development. To poke someone is to goad them. Playing a game of poker in a dream, whether on-line or otherwise, suggests that we are taking a risk in everyday life. It may be important to note who we are playing with. A poker face is one that shows no emotion whatever the circumstances. As the game of poker becomes more popular in the field of gambling, many of the terms used have relevance in today's world. A poker obviously has links with masculinity, but also with rigidity. Inherent in the idea of such an object is that it causes a shift in perception. When we are being poked in a dream we need toa scertain what the irritant is in our waking lives. The use of a poker can be seen as the sexual act in both men and women's dreams but may also be seen as an inflexible attitude to the physical body. You might also like to consult the entries for Cards and Gambling.