Interpretation of dream: Plunge

Spiritual risk pushes us into a situation where we must take the plunge. The Fool in the Tarot gives a visual image of this conundrum. He steps out into space secure that he will be safe. When facing uncertainty in waking life we very often need reassurance that we have both the courage and the daring to go ahead with a particular activity. Very often, to dream of plunging is to recognize that we do have the ability to go forward. To dream of a plunger as in something that clears a blockage usually indicates that we need to use some force to enable us to deal with difficulty. Frequently, this can be because we have internalized a problem we have either worked too hard and don?t have the energy to move the difficulty away from us or we have created a problem for ourselves in that we have not acted appropriately. To dream of plunging into something is to recognize that we are facing uncertainty. We are going into something unknown something that we have perhaps not done before and are taking a risk. That risk will very often take us into our emotional depths and we will learn new things about ourselves, of which we will then be able to make use. The sports of bungee and parachute jumping epitomize this. You may like to consult the entries for Diving and Plumbing.

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