Interpretation of dream: Piston

The spiritual drive that is, the need to be complete requires effort which can be enhanced by using our resources properly. A piston symbolizes this drive. A piston may also represent a person's drive for success. We need to assess the amount of effort that is necessary for us to be able to achieve our goals. We may need to recognize that concentrated effort which is fairly mechanical may, at this stage, achieve more than creative flair. The piston, being only part of an engine, does require the rest of the components to operate successfully. Often a great deal of help can be gained by considering the way in which the piston works. In other words, though at a particular stage of development our actions may have to be mechanical, we do have to consider the ?engine?, not just its component parts. A piston in a dream can be taken to mean sexual drive or activity. In this context it is more of a mechanical action than a loving act, and may show a particular attitude to sex. In a woman's dream a piston may reveal her fear of being hurt sexually. She may also be aware that she is simply being used, and that there is no tenderness. In a man's dream such an image may indicate his sense of identity and masculinity. If the piston is not rigid a man may fear impotence, whereas a woman will feel perhaps that she cannot trust her partner. Consult the entry for Engine for further clarification.

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