Interpretation of dream: Onion

In its many-layered aspect the onion symbolizes the Cosmos, and revelation. In dreams, we find that what we are doing with the onion reveals our intrinsic way of exploring creation. In removing each layer we come to an understanding of how we create from small to large. Chopping onions can signify an attempt to increase the energy available to us in some way. We quite literally want to ensure that we have allowed the essence of our being to permeate throughout our lives. As a reflection of the various levels of understanding we explore as we mature, the onion provides an apt symbol. If the onion is dried or dried up we have to make more emotional effort to understand. Oddly enough, the onion can appear in dreams and meditation as a symbol of wholeness, but a wholeness that is many-layered. Peeling an onion can suggest trying to find the best part of ourselves, or of somebody else. It may also indicate attempting to understand the various facets of our own personality. Consult the entry for Food for further information.