Interpretation of dream: Odour

If a sweet odour is particularly noticeable in dreams it will signify saintliness and spirituality. Traditionally, incense and other sweet smelling herbs are ways of connecting with the Divine and will have this meaning in dreams. Our sense of smell is extremely delicate, but just as the other senses such as touch and sound are suspended or transmuted into something slightly different in dreams, an odour in a dream may be a way of reminding ourselves of another time or place. Odour is highly evocative and for the dreaming self to register a known smell or perfume suggests that we are trying to make some sort of connection with conditions we have known in the past. If there is an odour in a dream at all and we become aware of it, it is usually highly significant. If it is a pleasant one it suggests good times; if a bad one then it is more likely to be a warning of bad things. Also consult the entries for Incense and Smell.