Interpretation of dream: Obsession

Obsessive behaviour, regarded from a spiritual perspective, would indicate an imperfect link between the spiritual and the physical realms. Spiritual possession was once seen to manifest as obsession. A real-life stalker will be acting out the belief that they have the ?right? to possess their victim. Obsessive or repetitive behaviour in dreams is often used to ensure that we have fully understood the message being conveyed by the unconscious. Obsession is an unnatural focusing on a feeling, belief or object, and may simply indicate that we need to take time to work a difficulty through. There is often anxiety about a past occasion or deed, with which we have not been able, or allowed, to deal. When such an unnatural feeling appears in dreams we can appreciate how harmful this can be.

More interpretations:
Obsession (Common): To dream of an obsession, suggests that you need to take some time to work ...