Interpretation of dream: New

What seems to be new to us may be information that comes to us at the right time to enable us to progress spiritually. It has impact because we have not previously been aware of it. To be doing something new in a dream highlights the potential in a fresh learning situation. We are stimulated and excited initially. When we first move into a new situation in waking life our dreams can highlight our fears and difficulties. We may often dream of possible scenarios where we are not functioning as well as we should, or of actions we might take to enhance our performance. Dreaming of something that is new suggests a new beginning, a new way of looking at or dealing with situations, or perhaps even a new relationship. Thus, new shoes might suggest either a different way forward or a way of connecting with the earth. A new hat might suggest a novel intellectual approach, whereas new spectacles indicate a fresh way of seeing things.

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New (Common): To see a new house in your dream, indicates that you are taking on a new ...