Interpretation of dream: Mystic knot

The mystic knot suggests Infinity. Traditionally it consists of 8x8 knots and is never ending. As a symbol it appears in places as far apart as China and countries of Celtic origin. The mystic knot usually appears in dreams as we are attempting to understand ourselves and our relationship with the spiritual. Mystic Knots are one of the eight Buddhist symbols that symbolize long life unaffected by setback. Their traditional meaning in Celtic lore is the interconnection of life and humankind's place within the universe. Both these meanings are highlighted in dreams and will suggest that we can live life accepting what it has to offer. Traditionally, the mystic, or in mundane terms the Gordian knot had no beginning and no end. Its basic meaning suggests an unsolvable problem. We probably need to leave such a problem until it is solved either by time or correct action.