Interpretation of dream: Mystic

Mysticism signifies union with the divine and the search for hidden knowledge. The mystic is someone who has dedicated their life to that search, so in dreams represents our own search for spirituality. Such a vibration in dreams opens up countless possibilities for exploration. Emotionally, mysticism requires complete submission to the idea of ultimately returning to Source, whatever our belief, and to understanding our present place in the world. In dreams, an objectivity develops that allows us to view our own and others? foibles with tolerance and dispassion. This spills over into waking life. From a mundane viewpoint, the figure of a known mystic such as Mahatma Gandhi or the Persian poet Rumi alerts us to the possibilities that are available to us if we are prepared to widen our perspectives. Mysticsappear in their guise of spiritual leaders to enable us to progress. Consult the entries for Ascetic, Hermit, Monk and Nun for further understanding.