Interpretation of dream: Miscarriage

Dreaming of a miscarriage, whether our own or someone else's, suggests that we are conscious of the fact something is not right. Spiritually, we must reject whatever is wrong. Dreaming of a miscarriage can also suggest the loss of work, a project or even a part of ourselves, and we need time to acclimatize. A miscarriage of justice suggests that all aspects of a story have not been taken into consideration. A miscarriage can represent aspects of early death and the fear it can engender. Also it can signify the early finishing of a project or task before it has really had a chance to reach its peak. In a woman's dream it will depend on whether she has suffered a miscarriage, since nowadays she may not have given herself time to grieve properly. When a man dreams of his partner's miscarriage, it highlights fears over changes in responsibility.

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