Interpretation of dream: Meditation

As a discipline, meditation helps us to become more aware of changes in consciousness. It also has the effect of opening our minds to dreaming as a spiritual learning tool. After learning meditation, our dreams take on a different depth and clarity. For instance, the mandala seen in dreams can become a gauge for spiritual progression. Often on an unconscious level we are aware of the need to change consciousness or attitude. To dream of meditating, particularly when we first learn this art, can highlight this for us. We can access our more creative, spiritual side and thus mandala and mantra become second nature, both asleep and awake. Interpreting the act of meditation will depend on whether we meditate in real life. In someone who does, it will suggest a discipline that is helpful, putting them in touch with intuition and spiritual matters. In someone who does not, it may indicate the need to be more introverted in order to understand the necessity to be responsible for oneself. Consult the entries for Mandala and Mantra for further clarification.