Interpretation of dream: Mantra

Spiritually, sound repeated over and over induces a change of consciousness and awareness. The Mantra is the creation of a sound, corresponding to a name or an aspect of God, and is a creative vibration, frequently used in meditation. Often it is three syllables long, and is an aid to becoming closer to the centre of both oneself and the universe. As such, in dreams it opens up possibilities for enhanced wisdom and knowledge. If dreams are considered to be alert restfulness, the use prior to sleep of Mantra using intense concentration and constant repetition can have a profound effect on the dream state in allowing us to be more focused in our dreaming. We fill the mind with one concept of God, whatever that might be coupled with a sense of spiritual union. In dreams we frequently hear the sound of our own name and can develop this into a mantra. It is (or rather becomes) the personal ?key? to universal knowledge. When the images evoked by Mantra in waking life also appear in dreams, we are thus able to accept their validity. You might also like to consult the entry for Meditation as well as the information on Spiritual Imagery in the Introduction.