Interpretation of dream: Liquid

A strong symbol in spiritual development is golden liquid which can represent both power and energy. Its appearance in dreams suggests we have reached a certain level of understanding. Liquid in dreams can have more than one meaning. Because it is always connected with ?flow?, it can represent the idea of allowing feelings to flow properly. The colour of the liquid in the dream can be important since it can give an indication of exactly which feelings and emotions are being dealt with. For example, red might represent anger, whereas violet might signify spiritual aspiration. When something is unexpectedly liquid in a dream, we need to be aware that in everyday life we are in a situation that may not remain stable. At that point we need to be ready to ?go with the flow? in order to maximize the potential within that situation. One of the symbols of liquid is to do with liquidity that is, having assets or possessions that can be realized. This can be on either a physical or emotional level. You might also like to consult the entries for Colour and Water.

More interpretations:
Liquid (Common): To see a liquid in your dream, represent some emotion that you need to confront ...