Interpretation of dream: Line

Spiritually in dreams a line can have great significance. The straight line can represent time and the ability to go both forward and back. When horizontal the line is the earthly world and the passive point of view; when vertical it is the spiritual world, the active aspect and the cosmic axis. Psychologically, we tend to need boundaries or demarcation lines, and those lines can be demonstrated in dream symbolism in ways that might not be feasible in everyday life. For instance, jumping over a line would suggest being brave enough to take risks. A line of objects might signify the choices we are offered. Line dancing implies synchronized movement. A line in a dream often marks a boundary or denotes a measurement. In dreams, it can also signify a link between two objects to show a connection that is not immediately obvious. A straight line suggests a direct approach, the shortest way between two objects or places. A line of people or queue would suggest an imposed order for a particular purpose. If we are waiting in line, the purpose of the line will be important in interpretation.

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Line (Common): To see a line in your dream, symbolizes duality. It also relates to movement or ...