Interpretation of dream: Lead (metal)

Lead in spiritual symbolism stands for a consciousness of the physical realms as opposed to the spiritual. It is the metal of Saturn and has this planet's symbolism of blocking progress unless it is moving forward in the correct way for ultimate success. As we become more spiritually proficient, the old magical and alchemical definitions become more relevant. Lead as a substance is less used nowadays than it used to be, but still has the connotations of a base metal. In dreams it can indicate that the time is ripe for transformation and transmutation. We need to instigate changes to give a better quality to our lives. The conventional explanation of lead appearing in a dream is that we have a situation around us, which is a burden to us. We are not coping withlife as we should, leaving us heavy-hearted. Lead, as in a lead of a pencil, has obvious connections with the life force and masculinity. Also consult the entries for Alchemy and Metal.