Interpretation of dream: Juror

Often in the process of personal development we may have to make judgements which are not popular. We sometimes have to act as our own juror. Provided we adhere to our own inner spiritual truth, we cannot be judged. Sometimes in life we may not feel we can go along with a group decision. If in dreams we are a member of the jury, a juror, it will depend on other aspects of the dream whether we can agree with the rest of the jurors or not. We might have to decide to ?go it alone? and make a unilateral decision. Such a dream would probably reflect a situation in our everyday lives. Conversely, in dreaming of trying to reach a consensus of opinion, we must carefully consider our own beliefs as to how we should live our lives, perhaps taking into account all aspects of our personality. When a jury appears in a dream on a mundane level we are usually struggling with an issue of peer pressure. We may fear that others will not understand our actions, that they could judge us and find us wanting. Also consult the entries for Justice and Verdict.